Here are my excuses:
1. I will do it later.
2. I’m too tired tonight.
3. I want sex.
4. I’ve got to clean up the icon and jpg mess on my destktop.
5. I want to watch the news.
6. Joe is coming over.
7. “Got to catch up my e-mails.”
8. My wife needs so quality time.
9. The kids are crying.
10. The kids are hungry.
11. The dog is hungry.
12. Now the cat bowl is empty.
13. I’ve got to mow the yard.
14. I need to learn WordPress.
15. The oil in the car has got to be changed.
16. It’s the weekend.

And maybe the most often used excuse …

17. It’s such a pretty day (since I live in Florida)

What are your excuses?